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My most massive workout ever

It was a long week with lots of travel and I hit the gym immediately after work to release some steam. And, wow, it turned out to be an epic workout. I had the gym all to myself, was cranking … Continue reading

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Rockin’ the Rivanna

This past Saturday I participated in Rockin’ The Rivanna, part of a larger, full-day festival on my local Rivanna River that included a 5K running event, a river safety demonstration, river parade, and an arts festival all along the river … Continue reading

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Low carb diet reversing Type II Diabetes?

This nurse seems to thing so. “If we look back at the drive over the past 20 or more years to reduce fats significantly from our diets in the western world, do we see a leaner and healthier population? No, … Continue reading

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Rich Piana

I admire this man for his honesty. May it now serve as a warning to the younger generation who might be considering the use of steroids. It just isn’t worth it. Don’t just think about your next, short-term goal, think … Continue reading

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Thank God for heroes, dramatic whitewater rescue

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Smokey gym

Yeah, that’s right. I was the old guy in the gym this evening who smelled like smoked pork. That’s because, well, I smoked a pork loin today. The gym would smell a whole lot better if everyone’s sweat smelled like … Continue reading

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Media Spreads Dangerous Lie That Bodybuilder Was Killed by Protein Shakes

From Mark Rippetoe…   I agree with Mark Rippetoe’s assessment.  The headlines and stories are sensationalized to make it sound like protein powders are out there silently killing people when in actuality, it was an increase in protein from all … Continue reading

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