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Good sleep, good workout

I finally got a good night’s sleep and then had the gym all to myself this evening after work. Great bookends to the day, heart rate from 50 to 168. And by the way, the Actofit Wearables fitness tracker that … Continue reading

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I hate gym shopping

Now that Gold’s Gym Charlottesville announced it is closing at the end of the month, I find myself in the unenviable position of gym shopping. I hate everything about it.  The pricing schemes, the one-time fees, the cancellation policies, finding … Continue reading

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Exercises for kayakers

A few of my favorite exercises… Raised leg dumbbell flies: Raised leg dumbbell pullover: Reverse dumbbell fly: Barbell back squat: Close grip front lat pulldown: Wide grip front lat pulldown: Seated cable row: Rowing ergometer: Kayak ergometer:

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Sleep is an important yet often overlooked part of training 

I don’t usually get enough sleep myself, but after 4 straight days in the gym I’ve focused on trying to get good sleep for the past few nights. I’ve been doing pretty well, my resting heart rate is dropping and … Continue reading

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