Building the next kayak ergometer

Now that it is the off-season for kayaking, this evening I started building the next kayak ergometer from a NordicTrack ski machine.

I’m going for a further refinement of the last design and placing the flywheel more toward the center of the device, underneath the bend in the knees of the paddler.  This will allow me to shorten the overall length of the machine while also creating a device with better balance characteristics while also allowing for a smoother feel.

When complete, I will disassemble it and create step-by-step plans and a “build your own” video for all of you who have been asking since the original design.

This model will be know as The Tortorich.


About Dave The Kayaker

Kayak racer and fitness enthusiast in Charlottesville, VA. Flat water & downriver. I have a weird fondness for old-school boats.
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4 Responses to Building the next kayak ergometer

  1. Norma says:

    I’m all in for showing my appreciation PayPal-style for a good instructional how to video. I’ve got an old Nordic Track in the attic that I would love to repurpose towards my new passion.


  2. Janice Koch says:

    still hoping for parts list, measurement and plans…Almost too late to build one for Christmas


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