The Phoenix Cascade kayak


Two Saturdays ago I found a Phoenix kayak on Craigslist so I immediately went to look at it since so few of these surface anymore.

When I got there, I found a solid boat in need of some TLC and elbow grease to kill some mold from the underside and then do some sanding and painting.

Since I’ve grown very fond of these boats I was up for the challenge so yet another boat came home with me on the top of my vehicle.

She needed to be saved and preserved.


Two weeks later and I am happy to share the results with you.

If you’ve got an old Phoenix Kayak just hanging out somewhere and you are fine with letting it go, please contact me.  These boats are wonderful relics from the past, but they are also great boats made with a mix of Fiberglass and Nylon so they will last at least one lifetime.

I should also point out that Phoenix/Poke Boats, Inc. is still in business so check out their current boat models.  If they still make them like they used to you will not be disappointed.



About Dave The Kayaker

Kayak racer and fitness enthusiast in Charlottesville, VA. Flat water & downriver. I have a weird fondness for old-school boats.
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3 Responses to The Phoenix Cascade kayak

  1. Fred Giggenbach says:

    I just bought one. It is red and white with a phx serial number.


  2. Tim Kennedy says:

    Nice restoration. Looks more like a Phoenix Spitfire, though. I have a Cascade and am in the process of getting another one. The Cascade is a bit longer (13′ 2″), pointier, and has more of a “keel” in the bow and stern.


    • Tim,
      It might be a Spitfire. It has also been suggested it is a Mini Slipper. I would like to know once and for all. It is too small for me but my son decided it was his “keeper.” I’m still loving my Match II and recently picked up a Prijon Interceptor so there is no lack of old school boats hanging in the garage. Do you have any pictures of your Cascade?


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