Smokey gym

Yeah, that’s right.

I was the old guy in the gym this evening who smelled like smoked pork.

That’s because, well, I smoked a pork loin today.

The gym would smell a whole lot better if everyone’s sweat smelled like a Texas roadhouse, don’t you think?

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Not relevant to kayaking, it is just that good

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Media Spreads Dangerous Lie That Bodybuilder Was Killed by Protein Shakes

From Mark Rippetoe…



I agree with Mark Rippetoe’s assessment.  The headlines and stories are sensationalized to make it sound like protein powders are out there silently killing people when in actuality, it was an increase in protein from all sources on top of a rare genetic disorder that led to a buildup of ammonia in her blood.

Here is an example of some of the headlines:


And here is an article that is more fairly written.

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A vintage downriver racer, HiPP Mithril / Prijon Interceptor (?)



A vintage, barn-found, downriver racing kayak will be heading to Central Virginia tomorrow from its roots in New England, (found outside of Hudson, MA.)

If anyone knows anything about the history of Mithril Kayaks, Hingham, MA  please let me know.

The “Prijon Design” sticker is still clearly visible after all these years.

She looks fast.

== Update 8/12/17==

I got her home late last night and got her out on the water today after cleaning her up a bit.

The kayak is still in amazingly good shape for how old it is.  The deck is still pliable, the hull solid, and the seams are very well done.

From what research I’ve done and information I’ve been able to find, it appears as though this boat was a  Tony Prijon design for Mithril Kayaks back in the 1970’s.  Some have suggested it is a model called the Prijon Interceptor from a company named Hyperform (hence the “HiPP”,) but I have no idea.   Somebody on says he thinks, ” ‘Hyper Craft’ was a parent company for High Performance Plastics (HPP?) who built both Prijon and Lettmann designs under license?  HPP morphed into Hyperform in the late 70s.”

It is very obviously a downriver racer but has a “stubby” stern.  One person described these boats as constructed of “durable fiberglass reinforced plastic,” which seems accurate to me.  The boat is not just fiberglass, for sure.

It is of very similar design to my Phoenix Match II and paddles much the same also.

I would love for anyone who knows the history of the boat or the company to contact me.

I have a weird fondness for these old-school boats and have now added a bit more kayak history to my collection.

== Update 8/17/17 ==

One of my kayaking connections in New Zealand (whom I consider an expert) has verified this is a Prijon Interceptor and says it is “the grand daddy of the multisport boats.”

I think I might have overpaid a bit, but am comforted knowing I now own a classic.

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Some of the worst but funniest nutrition advice I’ve seen

Oh.  You thought I was just talking about the guy.

Yes, his mockery of the My Plate is very funny, but the plate itself is also a joke.

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Another classic downriver racer ready to be saved

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Back in the 1970s, John Yudkin warned the world about the dangers of sugar. His work was dismissed and vilified by the food industry and scientists alike…just look what’s happened since…

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