Review of rooftop V-bars for Kayak Transport: KayakPro EZ-Vees and Goodboy Paddlesports Vbars

Many of us paddle competitive kayaks and surf skis which are much longer and narrower than recreational kayaks.

As such, traditional kayak carrying racks, cradles, or foam crossbar pads aren’t sufficient since the crossbars on most vehicles are relatively close together.  Crossbars a couple feet apart from one another are not good enough when toting a kayak or ski that is 21′ in length or longer.

Enter V-bars.

These carrying racks mount to the crossbars on your vehicle but then have two “V’s” much farther apart than the crossbars to cradle your boat at two different anchor points much farther apart for safer, more secure transport.

I recently compared the KayakPro EZ-Vees and the Goodboy Paddlesports vbars and hope you enjoy the video.

In short, the KayakPro EZ-Vees are adequate and quite attractive, but the Goodboy Paddlesport Vbars are superior in just about every way.  Much heavier duty aluminum, heavier duty mounting hardware, wider V’s with more foam to have more contact with your boat and they are also made by a fellow paddler, Cliff Roach, right here in the USA.

Either of these would be a good choice, but if you are choosing one over the other I’d recommend you go with the Goodboy Paddlesports bars.

Click through the links below to purchase:

Goodboy Paddlsports Vbar kayak transport carriers

Kayak Car Top rack.- by KayakPro

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New fitness tracker review coming soon…

An iWown Fit P1 Power Sport Watch is on its way to me and as soon as I get it I will start my review.

A waterproof, GPS tracker with heart rate variability (HRV) assessment is almost too good to be true!

I’ll let you know if it is too good to be true.

I’ve been waiting for this. (Or at least the promise of this.)

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Review of Kayak Pro EZ-Vees coming soon

Just got these V-bars at the end of the week and will review them soon.

Buy through my Amazon affiliate link: Kayak Car Top rack.- by KayakPro

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Kayak ergometer plans from Nordic Track ski machine almost ready

Just finished the first round of edits on my “How To Build It” video. I need to shoot a little more to fill in some gaps and then the video will be ready. Definitely before the end of the month.

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I’m going to feel this one in the morning

Knowing February is my last month of lifting heavy in the gym before I transition to conditioning for kayaking season in March, I went a little beast mode in the gym after work today.


I’m going to feel this one tomorrow.

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‘Settled Science’ Just Got Blown Up

Article in Investors Business Daily:

“…a massive new study published in Lancet that followed 135,335 people in 18 countries on five continents.

The study found that consumption of fat was associated with a lower risk of mortality, while consumption of carbohydrates was associated with a higher risk.

It found that the kind of fat didn’t matter when it came to heart disease, and that saturated fat consumption was inversely related to strokes.

The researchers say, ever so politely, that ‘dietary guidelines should be reconsidered in light of these findings.'”

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Reviews and the gear I use in my training

Most of you know I talk about brands I love and have no sponsorship arrangements with anyone.  If I ever get a free gadget for review I will disclose it.  If I ever have a financial incentive to promote a product I will also let you know.

That said, I post screen shots from some of my workouts while wearing the Atlas Wearables 2 wristband.

I’ve now been working out with it for a full year and it has been an integral part of my training and progression.

I have no ties to the Atlas Wearables company but just wanted you to know this is one piece of gear that has become an invaluable tool in my training regimen.

Here is my original written review and my video review is directly below.

Buy now through my Amazon Affiliate link:
Atlas Wristband 2: Digital Trainer + Heart Rate Band

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